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18 Nov

Mel’s REN routine to fight hyperpigmentation

Article and image by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

I feel like I’ve been battling with hyperpigmentation ever since my first breakout. My skin is super sensitive and as soon as I get a spot it turns into a dark mark. So as you can imagine, I spend A LOT of time targeting them and but also trying to prevent them.

Ren’s Overnight Dark Spot Sleeping Cream has been my saviour (so much so I brought out my own limited edition version!). I’ve been using it for years now to target hyperpigmentation caused by breakouts. I honestly trust it with my life! It has the added benefit of brightening and hydrating the skin at the same time as repairing it so I gain extra moisture whilst trying to fight the dark marks.

What I’ve learned during my ongoing battle with dark marks is the journey starts before the blemishes pop up. I found it to be way more effective to stop breakouts from happening rather than tackling hyperpigmentation in isolation. The ultimate key is making sure that your skin’s barrier is strong. If it’s strong and healthy, you’re way less likely to breakout or suffer with blemishes resulting in less dark marks. So I’ve found a few products that helped me and I want to share the routine with you now, because every Hun deserves a strong skin barrier!

Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream

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I use this daily. It smells great and feels so nice on my skin. The serum really brightens my face and over time provides a more even texture.

Evercalm Barrier Support Elixir

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Now this I swear by, it really has changed my skin for the better. The biggest benefit is using it when my skin feels a little sensitive or irritated. It calms it right down and is so lightweight for a facial oil.

Overnight Dark Spot Sleeping Cream

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Now you know sis here is my GOAT! It brightens hyperpigmentation gently yet effectively. I love that it doesn’t dry my skin out during use.

Top Tip: Always remove your makeup before bed. Even if it’s 3am and you’re exhausted you need to make sure its off your face. Take those few minutes to use REN’s Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser to cleanse your skin of all the makeup and dirt picked up throughout the day and I promise your skin will thank you!

Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil

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