3 blushers to keep your skin glowing in winter

2 December, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Lauren Gordon

Image by @paintedbyesther

SAIE Dew Blush

Using a liquid blusher can be hard work, but with Saie’s dew blush, you get the best of both worlds with ease. 

The Dew Blush brings a flush colour back into the face, idealising that just-pinched look whilst also preventing irritation thanks to its minimal use of chemicals. At first glance, the pigmentation of this product may seem like too much to handle, but with just a few taps of your finger or a beauty blender, the liquid blush melts effortlessly into skin, forming a natural, sunkissed look. 

Saie’s lightweight formula makes the luminous effect of this product seem like a bonus and makes choosing a blusher that works perfectly for high glam and everyday looks simpler than ever.


Dew Blush

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ELF Putt Blush

Elf’s Putty range has taken social media by storm and having finally caved and bought something from the range, it’s immediately clear why.

The Putty Blush makes you feel like a pro even if you’re just starting out and although its texture may seem intimidating at first, the final results will have you going back for more. Infused with argan oil and vitamin E, the putty provides a healthy glow for both your skin and your makeup. It’s incredibly pigmented yet easily buildable formula results in a seamless, flushed-from-within look in just a few taps.

For the price that it retails, it feels criminal to have such a sophisticated product for under £10. 


Putty Blush

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NARS Iconic Blush

Hailed as a must-have product by makeup artists everywhere the NARS Iconic Blush Colour doesn’t get its name from just anywhere.

A light swipe of this product will amplify your look, whether you’re looking for a satin, matte or shimmering finish, the NARS blush can do it all. The erotic names for it’s bestselling shades (Thrill, Orgasm and Orgasm X) prepare you for the indulgent experience of using the product.

NARS’ Iconic tag is just an umbrella term for what the transformative things this blush can do and makes this an indispensable product that deserves a reserved spot in your makeup bag.


Iconic Blush

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IALH Editorial Team


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