How to Keep Makeup From Transferring [3 Easy Tips]

12 April, 2022 / words by user

Written by Zakiyah Shani

Image by @aminamuaddi

How many white t-shirts have you ruined by hugging someone with a full face of makeup, or have you mastered the art of a “lifted chin” hug? Or better yet, how many times has your makeup been smudged after wearing a face mask? In this current climate, I’m sure that we can all relate to the latter. Some of us are prone to oily t-zones, some love a dewy base and others simply love creating fresh makeup looks without having to set their entire face… So how do we all avoid the dreaded transfer of makeup? It’s human nature to touch your face throughout the day, even subconsciously, and this is one of the most common causes of makeup transfer. Touching your face before touching another surface or clothing item can be such a *rolls eyes* moment, once you’ve caused an irreversible makeup stain.

There are many different ways to help counteract the possibility of your makeup transferring, but here are 3 of my favourite hacks:

1. Set Your Makeup

By now, I’m sure we have all come to learn the importance of using a setting spray or setting powder throughout or at the end of your makeup routine. Setting your makeup is an essential part of the process and crucial when it comes to preventing makeup transfer.

Most long-lasting makeup looks are created with the use of a good setting spray and setting powder. I highly recommend using both! Setting sprays are multi-functional and have been created for a number of reasons, to produce different results. Whether you prefer matte or dewy makeup, love full glam or a fresh skin look, using a setting spray will help to keep your makeup in place, whilst reducing the risk of it transferring.

If you have applied any cream or liquid products to your face, press an oil-free setting powder into the skin using a powder puff or tapered makeup brush to keep everything locked in place. Doing this will also help to absorb any excess oils from your skin and increase the longevity of your makeup. I find that translucent powder works wonders and really helps to prevent your makeup from budging or creasing, it also minimizes the chances of product transfer due to its lack of colour.

If you require a long-lasting finish, be sure to set your makeup with setting spray once your look is complete!


2. Waterproof Foundation

Using waterproof formulas in your makeup routine will provide maximum protection and ensure that your makeup doesn’t budge as easily throughout the day, especially if you are prone to oily skin or sweating. A waterproof foundation has been specifically formulated to resist moisture and stay in place, under any circumstances.

The benefits of waterproof makeup are that it is made to be long-lasting, sweat-proof, and transfer-proof, all key functionalities that many makeup lovers aim to acquire when choosing the right makeup products. Whether you are flustered by busy workdays, spend long nights socializing, or need to stay looking fresh for an 8-hour photoshoot, using products that are advertised as long-wearing with good staying power, will always be a bonus for any makeup consumer.

Side note: Make sure you have an oil-based cleanser, micellar cleansing water, or a cleansing balm on hand to thoroughly remove your waterproof makeup. For a gentler option, use natural oils such as Coconut or Rosehip Seed oil.


3. Blot your face

Despite the many hacks available on the internet that will help prevent your makeup from transferring, one of the easiest and most simple ways to avoid this occurrence is by blotting your face throughout the day. Our skin is exposed to so much on a daily basis which causes it to react in ways that we can’t always feel or see. Usually, when I am working long days, I always keep a blotting powder or blotting paper in my bag as a quick way to refresh my makeup. This also helps to prevent any product from breaking down due to excessive or unwanted oil production.

Blotting your makeup with powder or blotting papers will absorb any oils or emollients on your skin, without interfering with any pigment or coverage. Doing this will help to mattify any excessively shiny areas on your skin, particularly the T-Zone. It’s also the best way to keep your makeup fresh without having to re-apply it.

Side Note: It’s always best to blot or pat down your makeup using a beauty sponge rather than a makeup brush. This will absorb any build-up of sebum or oils which can cause you to look shiny, without moving your makeup around.


So remember, if you want to stop your makeup from transferring, always make sure to set your face, choose waterproof formulas (or stay away way from oil-based products) and blot your makeup when need be!





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