4 ways to use coconut oil in your beauty regime

11 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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Coconut oil is the hun for literally so many things, for a long time it’s been seen as a ‘cure-all’ and staple on your bathroom or even kitchen cupboard. It does have a multitude of purposes, but to say it cures everything might be a bit of a stretch! We’ve got our fave 4 ways to incorporate coconut oil in your beauty regime.

1) Body moisturiser

It can work wonders on on drier skin on your body that just won’t shift with a regular body lotion. The fatty acids help to lubricate the skin and protect it.


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2) Hair oiling (pre-shampoo)

Before you wash your hair next, try a hair oil. Liberally apply coconut hair oil and leave overnight if you can (remember to protect your pillows!) and then go about your wash day routine as usual. It’ll have your hair looking stronger, healthier and shiny. You can apply a little after your hair is washed too, but stick to the ends of your hair to avoid build up on your scalp.

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3) Face

We’d only recommend using coconut oil on your face if you’re prone to dry skin. If you have skin that tends to retain moisture, is oily or acne prone then maybe avoid this one. However it can be a great natural barrier on your face and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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4) Cooking

Bake, fry, spread. The options are pretty endless for cooking with coconut oil. The unrefined, virgin coconut oil is best for cooking with. Avoid deep frying or cooking with it at a high heat as the smoke point is pretty low.

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