5 ouds you need in your perfume collection

31 October, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Arlinda

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So you love oud but you’re tired of smelling the same composition constantly? Below is my list of  5 different ouds that you need to try! They are completely unique and unlike anything else you will  have tried, a must smell for all oud lovers. 


Sweetie Aoud

Sweetie Aoud is gourmand heaven, imagine yourself sitting in the most chic Parisian coffee shop, with the most delightful pastry aromas surrounding you. Roja Dove has managed to create and bottle the most realistic Patisserie Accord. It has a stunning light, airy oud in the base that ties the whole fragrance together. If you enjoy smelling like a sophisticated, put together snack, this one is for you!

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Louis Vuitton

Les Sables Roses

This is the quintessential rose/oud fragrance. It’s a very rich and mysterious fragrance with added depth of saffron and black pepper. The rose in this is fresh and juicy, when it mingles with the oud it becomes magical. There’s a lovely warm spicy quality to this that is perfect for the winter  months. This is a showstopper and I love to wear it on date nights for that added je ne sais quoi! 

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Maison Francis Jurkdjian

OUD Extrait de parfum

Please do not be intimidated by the fact that this is an extrait, I definitely was and because of that  it took me so long to find this beauty. This is a masterpiece blended to perfection! Spicy oud and saffron mingle with the most beautiful sweet vanilla to create magic. The vanilla really brings this  fragrance together, it has this stunning sweetness that lasts all day on the skin. This is truly a one of a kind, Mr Kurkdjian really knew what he was doing with this one.  

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Oud for Greatness eau de parfum

This is the most coziest and comforting oud fragrance that has beast mode longevity and animalic  projection. This is the IT girl of saffron/oud combos. The lavender in this creates a comforting aura without ever becoming soapy smelling. Bold, deep and alluring. A truly unique take on oud that will have people smelling you before you’ve even entered the room.

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Symphonium Pure Perfume

A chocolate orange and oud combo that is sure to leave you speechless and wanting to smell more. The chocolate orange is so realistic if you close your eyes you may mistake it for a Terry’s chocolate orange. The added cardamom and oud add a lot of depth to this fragrance and really transport it to something mysterious and addictive. This is oud like you’ve never seen it before and it’s a must try next time you find yourself in Harrods.

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