7 fragrance houses you may not have heard of

24 August, 2022 / words by Nateisha Scott

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We have found a new appreciation for scent – the allure, the mystery and the aura that a perfume translates is second to none and why you must consider it as part of your dressing. Whether you are into sweet and fruity, ouds or dry and woody scents, when you find the one that works for you and create a fragrance wardrobe that a perfumer would be envious of, you know you have a good thing. But, the rise in fragrances and love of #perfumetok means many fragrances are on many shelves and bags, leaving little to explore. You would think! Instead, we’ve searched the perfume halls and have selected a few fragrance houses that stand out from the crowd. Some scent houses that you or may not have heard of; either way, you’ll want to add these to your collection.


Erba Pura eau de parfum

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An Italian luxury perfume house that prides itself on pure and beautiful blends that last hours, if not days, on the skin. The notes will turn your head if you’re not already drawn in by the beautifully crafted bottles, often made of the purest velvet and gold arched lid. A firm favourite is Erba Pura, both soft and intense. If you like citrus and zesty fragrances, this one is for you with notes of orange, lemon, amber and white musk. With a vast selection, there isn’t one you won’t enjoy.

Maya Njie


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I love Maya Njie’s fragrances. The bottle is minimal and simple; the notes carry the journey. A blend reminiscent of traditional Swedish buns warmed with vanilla and cardamom. You’ll adore this vanilla scent, not sickly or plain but grounded in earthy notes.

Frederic Malle

Portrait of Lady

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Slightly cheating here, but this is one of those scents people know about but haven’t obsessed over yet! Frederic Malle knows how to create a head-turning scent by exploring olfactory boundaries and re-composing blends. Portrait of Lady and Vetiver Extraordinaire are two of the most spectacular fragrances by the brand, even more so the former. Portrait of a Lady is described as capturing a woman’s sophistication, gaze and grace – say no more. Floral but not as we know it is bedded with blackcurrant, raspberry and frankincense for a fruity-woody mix you wouldn’t usually pair.

Sana Jardin

Nubian Musk

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Socially conscious luxury fragrance house Sana Jardin prides itself on fragrance transparency and sustainability beyond the average. Working with women in supporting local communities through harvesting, the brand is making worldly and positive changes. Between Nubian Musk and Sandalwood Temple, there isn’t a better-suited duo. The heavier of the two, Nubian Musk captures the essential oil of musk and heightens it with sweet vanilla and rich sandalwood. Lighten with Sandalwood Temple, light and comforting essence that uses cedar, bergamot, and orange blossom for that hint of warmth.


Oud for Greatness

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If you’ve heard of Parfum de Marly, then Initio is the sister perfume house you may not have heard of. The key ingredient is in the name – this stunning blend of Oud sits like a second skin, both warm, rich and spicy. Layered with saffron, nutmeg, lavender and patchouli, there is something so intoxicating and beautiful about this scent that we can’t put our finger on.

Marc-Antoine Barrois


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If there is one thing that the French do well, it’s fragrance, and at its luxury helm, Marc-Antoine Barrois’ scents are nothing but divine! Ganymede is a firm favourite, and if you like leather scents, you’re in for a treat with this interestingly light, leather and floral combination.


Altra Skin

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Hear me out when I say a skin scent! This is the most alluring of scents that veils the skin with an alluring aroma. A soft musk that sits on your skin is the perfect treat to layer over scented body creams or other fragrances.


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