Can you tell how healthy you are from your nails?

4 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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Your nails can definitely reveal clues about your health, bumps, flakes and discolouration can all be signs of what’s going on inside your body. It’s not always anything drastic, it may be as simple as adding something to your diet! We’re breaking down a few common nail issues and telling you what they might mean…

1) Dry or cracking nails

This is super common and lots of things cause it. From washing your hands regularly, cleaning dishes without gloves or being in a swimming pool full of chlorine, these are just some of the things that cause your nails to dry out and break. A first solution is to try a hydrating and super rich hand cream, but if that doesn’t seem to be helping much, then a nail supplement with biotin might be the way to go.

2) White spots or marks

This common issue is usually put down to a lack of calcium, but often it can be your hand recovering from some sort of trauma, like a bruise from injuring your hand in some way. Wait and see before jumping for the calcium supplements. It can rarely be linked to liver conditions as well, check with your doctor or health professional before taking medication though.

3) Ridges

A lot of the time you can put nail ridges (especially vertical ones) down to the natural process of ageing. However, it can be a symptom of trauma to the nail such as a poorly done manicure or after you’ve been ill and your body’s been working overtime to make you better again.

4) Peeling

Nails can peel for a variety of reasons, removing acrylic nail varnish manicures can cause it. But it might also be an iron deficiency. Try adding iron-rich food to your diet – shellfish, spinach, legumes and red meat are all good ways to up your intake.


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