Can you use a milk cleanser instead of face wash?

31 July, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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If you’re prone to getting a dry face after washing your face with a soap based wash then the answer is probably yes. Milk cleansers’ creamy formula help to balance your skin and prevent irritation that can occur from soaps. Some still create foam when they come into contact with water so washing your face will still ‘feel’ the same, you just won’t be left with dry or tight skin afterwards. Others rely completely on emollients to break down the dirt and bacteria that’s built up on your skin.

When to switch to a milk cleanser?

Cleansing milks contain soothing ingredients, so if you feel like your skin just needs a bit of recovery or down time then it might be the moment to switch over. Equally if your skin is irritated in any way then milk cleansers can reduce redness and puffiness. If you’ve not used any or much makeup that day then your skin will be fine with a milk cleanser, if you’ve worn a full face of makeup then you might want to double cleanse!

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