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15 November, 2021 / words by user

Written by Nez Hasan

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With so many of us living busy lives in cosmopolitan cities, it’s understandable to see why so many women opt for permanent make-up. So many of us just don’t have the time or desire to apply a full face of make-up just for it to melt off whilst squeezing onto the Jubilee line! There are so many permanent make-up options, but the most common on the market right now is all about the brows. Whether it’s microblading, microshadowing or powder brows, there are so many options available, but it’s hard to know which one is best for you. 


Microblading is one of the most popular treatments available. It’s comprised of fine strokes of ink (like a tattoo) that creates the look of individual hairs giving a natural finish. It’s usually performed in the direction in which the eyebrow hairs naturally grow, thus giving it a natural fluffy-looking finish. It’s a very natural option but from what I have experienced, once healed, it only tends to remain natural-looking depending on your natural brow hair, skin texture and skin colour.

If your t-zone is normal with medium to full hair that is sparse, then you’re a very good candidate for microblading. It’s an even better option for you if your brow hair is fine and flat and not coarse or curly.

As an expert, I wouldn’t recommend microblading to someone with a very oily t-zone, little to no hair, or anyone who has a darker skin tone as the pigment will fade faster or possibly not show up at all resulting in the brow appearing gappy. Trust me as I speak from experience, this is exactly what happened to me!

Powder Brows

Powder brows is a semi-permanent make-up technique that uses the art of shading to create a soft powder effect. The device used for this procedure is similar to a tattoo gun and is used to create a very light hue at the beginning of the brow, to a much darker hue on the tail of the brow giving it an ombre effect. It’s a similar style to what most people do when they use a pencil or a pomade except this has lasting power!

Powder brows are my favorite option out of all of them and has actually worked out better for me because my eyebrows are quite thin, really dark and my skin is super oily. The great thing about powder brows is that it doesn’t discriminate! It’s an option that everyone can go for. If you have an oily t-zone this is especially great for you and if you have very light, sparse brows they will look just as amazing. It’s also a great option for dark-skinned babes as the pigment really shows up well on the skin. It’s my all-time favourite and I always make sure to get a top-up before I go on holiday!  


This procedure uses a combination of both methods mentioned above. It starts off with the hair stroke method and is then perfected with the powder effect. This procedure is done using both a tattoo gun and a needle and the two combinations will give you a much fuller and more defined look. 

If you have little to no hair and are of medium to dark skin tone then it is a great option for you as it’ll give you the depth and definition that you need. It’s also a great option if you suffer from alopecia or have been through chemotherapy as the results are extremely natural-looking.

When shading is involved, you can have top-ups whenever you feel like your brows need a refresh, which is a huge plus! The only downside is that during the first week, you’ll feel like you have slugs on your forehead, and from the words of Melissa’s wardrobe herself, that’s “not on brand”. This is NOT the time to bump into your enemies so lay low! The good thing is that the healing stage only occurs for about 5-10 days and once healed, you will absolutely love them!

All procedures mentioned are semi-permanent and they can fade, but if it does hold quite well, the pigment can remain for many years (which is great because who doesn’t want bang for their buck?!). The final results nearly always depend on your skin type, how your skin heals, and the all-important ritual that is aftercare.

An important thing to note is that everything I mention is only a possibility. My team and I have been pleasantly surprised many times with how amazing results have turned out on people that we would not recommend certain procedures on so a consultation is most definitely necessary. It nearly always boils down to the technician you use and the methods that they use that will determine how great of an outcome you’ll get.

Remember, this person will either have a blade or a needle near your face so be wise!




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