Eyelash growth serums for longer & more defined lashes

1 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by IALH Editor

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When it comes to products of any kind that claim they’ll enhance or grow one of your features, everyone gets super skeptical. And with good reason, they’re not usually cheap and make bold statements about their transformative impact. However, like anything there’s the good, the bad and everything in between. Trying to figure out what’s worth your money and what to avoid isn’t the easiest, so we’ve cut out the struggle and given our verdict on the eyelash serums that are worth it.


Eyelash Serum

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It’s the most affordable and in our opinion the best. With no irritation and easy application. You should see first results after two weeks and then full impact after six weeks.


Eyelash Enhance Growth Serum

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This is a conditioner and a serum, it’s not the cheapest but it’s on sale right now and does produce visible results in 3-8 weeks.

Beauty Pie

Lash Fuel™ Advanced Peptide Lash Serum

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Beauty Pie’s offering uses biotin to enrich your lashes. It’s a bigger investment but can be used on your brows aswell as your lashes and definitely does give you thicker lashes.


Lashbond Building Serum

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Olaplex’s eyelash serum uses a bond-building ingredient to help you achieve thicker lashes. And you can definitely see results in 4 weeks with consistent use.


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