Ingrown hair products that’ll you’ll want to try after your everything shower

5 December, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

I’ve you’ve never experience an ingrown hair before congratulations on being God’s fave. If you have, don’t fret, we’ve all been there before. You shave or wax with high hopes of silky smooth skin, only to be greeted by the unwelcome and sometimes painful visitor known as the ingrown hair. But it’s really not the end of the world! Let’s unpack the mystery of how these ingrown develop and discuss some changes you can make and products you can use to stop them from reoccurring.

Clothing Can Be The Issue

Your fave tight jeans or trousers might just be the enemy here. Tight clothing can rub against freshly shaved or waxed skin, causing hairs to grow sideways or back into the follicle. Opt for looser attire, right after hair removal, to give your skin some breathing room.

Rough Shaving May Affect You

Shaving against the grain might seem like a shortcut to smoothness, but it’s a one-way ticket to Ingrown City. Always shave in the direction of hair growth to reduce the chances of those rebellious hairs turning back on you.

Exfoliation Needs To be Your BFF, Hun

Regular exfoliation is like a secret weapon against ingrown hairs. It helps remove dead skin cells that can trap hair, giving them a clear path to the surface. Grab a gentle exfoliating scrub or brush and make it a part of your routine. You don’t want to do this directly after shaving though as your skin is quite tender so it may cause pain! Wit a day or two. Oh and by the way Sarah.a, Hun. You’ve won!

Moisturising Is Key As Well As Post-Hair Removal TLC

Dry skin is a playground for ingrown hairs. Keep your skin well-hydrated with a good moisturiser to prevent hairs from getting stuck in dry, flaky patches. Treat your skin with optimum care after shaving or waxing. Avoid harsh or drying chemicals and opt for soothing, anti-inflammatory products to calm the skin and reduce the chances of ingrowns crashing your post-hair-removal party. Here are some of our favourite products that’ll help you on your bu,p free journey.


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