Is Saie’s new foundation about to change the game?

24 March, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Alicia Lartey

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Makeup has always been a bit of a difficult one for me, as someone who has dealt with acne prone skin my whole life, I could not stand the sensation of foundation against my skin. I always wondered if it was possible to combine makeup and skincare to allow my skin to feel nourished and comfortable whilst getting glammed up. Well it looks like Saie Beauty was listening to the concerns that many skincare savvy beauty lovers shared, as their newest launch is just what I was looking for – a brand new skincare-infused foundation!

Saie Beauty has also championed enhancing your own natural beauty but also being able to build up your Saie products to give a full glam (if you want to). The new Saie foundation comes in 36 dynamic shades which suit a wide range of skin tones. The formula itself is composed of recognisable skincare gems such as marshmallow root extract, glycerin, polyglutamic acid, vitamin c, fatty acids, squalane and rice bran extract. All of these ingredients help to soothe the skin and support the skin barrier, which means the Saie Glowy Super Super Skin is truly a skincare serum with pigment as 85% of the serum is skincare focused with 15% pigment. Use of skin barrier supporting ingredients long term allows you to be more adventurous with your skincare routine using exfoliants and retinoids.

What about the texture?

The Saie foundation is unlike any other that I have tried, I personally avoid using my hands to rub in makeup, but the texture of this foundation feels so close to skincare that I could rub it in effortlessly without feeling like I’m buttering bread. Saie also released a foundation brush which blends beautifully for a hands-free application. As the formula is super hydrating, I suggest layering this with a hydrating moisturiser for a plump dewy finish.

And the performance?

Obviously this is the most important part! I have oily skin so it is important to note that most foundations slip down my face incredibly fast. I tend to favour lightweight foundations that can reset quickly if I produce excess oil or a little bit of sweat (I am a busy lady). The Saie foundation had no issues adapting to my hectic lifestyle and I would go as far as to say I would confidently wear it in the gym with no fears of breaking out. My total weartime for the Saie foundation was approximately 8 hours, throughout the day I received compliments on just how radiant I looked (to which I took all the credit for).

Will they have my shade?

As mentioned above, the Glowy Super Skin foundation comes in 36 different shades, I would say I am shade 29, however it seems a lot of the shades adapt well once you have applied them.

Overall this is a win for me!


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