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24 December, 2021 / words by user

Written by It’s A Lifestyle Hun team

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This tuberose scent is one of my staple scents and I doubt it’ll ever leave my fragrance rotation. Its sweet musky notes are both comforting and sultry in nature but it still has quite a powerful essence to it. It works in perfect harmony when layering with rose or gardenia scents (which is how I wear it).

Melissa, It’s A Lifestyle Hun owner


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This fragrance screams luxury and wealth. The combination of rose with patchouli, vanilla and Arab woods, creates a smooth, smoldering oud, and leaves a lasting impression on those I meet whenever I wear it.

Pam, hair and beauty editor


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My scent of choice is always ROSE! I love to discover each brand’s interpretation of it and just find them fascinating! It can be super fresh and super powerful! These two are on rotation and are absolutely mixed and layered in the evening time!

Cloe, health and wellness editor


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It smells like summertime in Italy: my favorite time of the year in one of my favorite places in the world. Even on the coldest winter days, as soon as I spray Beach Walk all over myself, my memory brings me back to Palmarola, a small mostly inhabited rocky island near Ponza, home of the warmest and most beautiful emerald green waters I’ve ever swum in!

Gen, fashion and lifestyle editor


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