Perfumes to try on your next first date

19 April, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by IALH Editor

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You’ve been texting for a while and now the time has finally come to meet up! While first dates can be butterfly inducing or even nerve-wracking, you want to feel your best. So the date is set, outfit chosen, but what smell should you go for? Scents can evoke ALL the feels huns and if you want to make that lasting impression, we’ve got you covered with our top fragrance picks for a first date…


Casablanca Lily

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It’s rich and sensual, perfect to make that lasting first impression! With plum top notes and a sweeter rosy base, try this to make sure the first date isn’t your last.

Maison Margiela

Replica – On A Date

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This is understated and reminds us of the giddy feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time. It’s a light floral explosion with a light peppery addition to keep them on their toes.

Tom Ford

Electric Cherry

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Oh it’s bold but it’s worth it. The sweetness of the cherry and the warmth of the musk is such a treat and the perfect accompaniment to your first date outfit.



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Dior’s Ispahan comes from a warm and loving place huns! It’s woody, it’s spicy, it’s rosy – what more could you need to entice your date.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

OUD Satin Mood hair mist

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Now don’t sleep on hair mists as an additional layer of scent. It’s delicate and refined, perfect for when you end the night on that first kiss?

Jo Malone

Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense

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This one is guaranteed to have them coming back for more. With almond and vanilla infusing with the myrrh, it’s a sure hit for that intimate setting.

Dr. Vranjes Firenze

Rosa Tobacco

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Everything Dr Vranjes does is with passion and this perfume is no different. It’s warm, citrusy and powdery all in one.


L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge

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Nothing quite smells like Givenchy’s newest addition, its fiery – filled with tuberose, jasmine and ginger. If you’re feeling bold for this first encounter, go with this!


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