Smell like Mel – Mel’s top fragrances

7 November, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

I don’t really believe in gate keeping fragrances – to be fair there are very few things I believe in gatekeeping. This whole website actually derives off the fact that I wanted to create of community and safe space for people who wanted to learn more about the things they weren’t so well versed on – even the things that they didn’t know they needed to know! Which is why I’m always happy to share so much including exactly what my favourite fragrances are.

I’m super into gourmand fragrances as well as fragrances that have a patchouli or sandalwood mix, and I’m also partial to a little oud here or there. I’ve been wearing my of these fragrances listed for years so research them, try them out and I really hope you fall in love with at least one of them the way I have!


IALH Editor


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