The best lip scrubs on the market

14 November, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

Having smooth skin all over is my personal life mission of mine! This extends all the way to the lips too. Whilst we may have abandoned using facial scrubs, sometimes we need a last minute lip scrubbing moment before lipstick application or a very important date night. Lip scrubs help to resurface the skin and provide an even and fresh base to start from.

Most people have tried a lip scrub in their time in the beauty space, but not every lip scrub is formulated equally and some are better than others. I’ve taken on the task of sifting through the noise to find you the five best lip scrubs to resurrect your lips from the crusty beyond.

To get the most out of any of your physical lip scrubs, I would recommend leaving it on for at least two minutes before scrubbing and gently wiping away any excess with a warm damp cloth. Always follow up your lip scrubbing routine, with a hydrating lip balm and lip SPF to keep your lips protected from the sun!


Alicia Lartey


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