The best piercing shops in London

4 December, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

Are you having a breakup or personal crisis and fancy getting a piercing? Well today is your lucky day! Piercings can help you reinvent yourself and add a splash of alternative colour to your everyday look. As piercings are a permanent investment it is important to figure out the best places to go to. We have collated a list of our favourite piercing spots that will give you safe piercings and beautiful jewellery. 

For all piercings it is always best to be pierced using a needle rather than a gun to avoid tissue damage and prolonged healing. Every piercer will inform you on the correct aftercare steps and let you know that piercings require maintenance at first. If you will be going on a holiday that requires swimming or high levels of activity it may not be the best time to be pierced, as the extra friction and water contact may cause the piercing to get infected. 

Metal Morphosis, Carnaby Street

If you want a wide variety of piercing jewellery and a good quality piercing that will not cause you any trouble, visit Metal Morphosis in Carnaby Street for an in depth piercing consultation and view of their amazing collections. You can confidently walk out of Metal Morphosis with your ear intact and with jewellery that will not tarnish. We do recommend checking their website to see if there is a store near you as they have multiple locations

Aurum Ldn, Hackney

If you are a lover of solid gold jewellery and piercings that will not fall out, Aurum Ldn has you covered. Aurum offers a wide selection of pieces, some of which are handmade by Karly (the owner of Aurum) herself. If you choose Aurum for a nose piercing you are also able to select to have a flexible plastic stopper placed on the back to prevent your nose piercing coming out.

Monica Vinader, Canary Wharf

Not everyone has their ears pierced or fancies having a complicated piercing, so sometimes a simple lobe piercing is the best option. Monica Vinader combines luxury gem stones and expert pierces to offer you a seamless piercing experience, that you can even bring a friend along to. Even if you have already been pierced elsewhere and are looking to upgrade your jewellery, it may be worth stopping by Monica Vinader.

Maria Tash, Harrods

Everything and anything can be made into a lifestyle and that includes piercings. Maria Tash specialises in fine jewellery pieces that include precious gemstones and a variety of precious metals. Maria Tash is the final level of piercing jewellery and will set you back a pretty penny, so it is best to have a look on the website for the piece you may want beforehand and organise your pockets accordingly. All the pieces on in the Maria Tash collection, make for excellent gifts that offer a very personal touch. 

No matter where you choose to get pierced, make sure the place you have chosen is clean and properly educated in piercing anatomy.


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