Best Products to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

25 April, 2022 / words by user

Written by Alicia Lartey

Image by @aminamuaddi


Is it truly possible to achieve airbrushed-looking legs IRL? The short answer is no, the longer answer is let’s get you as close as possible to getting there. We often talk about scars that can form on the body which can arise from tropical bites, grazes, or scrapes that can occur from just living life. Most people have it, but they may not take notice of it at first, one of the most common concerns when striving for ultimate smoothness on the legs is trying to minimize strawberry legs.

Strawberry leg is a broad term that usually refers to the medical condition keratosis pilaris or other types of small-raised bumps on the skin, keratosis pilaris may also be referred to by the less favorable name of ‘chicken skin’ (we are going with strawberry legs because it’s cute). Strawberry legs affect 40% of adults and around 80% of adolescents, it is a relatively benign condition that does not result in any itching or irritation. The strawberry bumps are most prominent around hair follicles but can also be visible if the hair has been removed. Strawberry legs typically become more noticeable in warmer weather when we all have our legs out and begin shaving more frequently.


Let’s get into some solutions! When you are dealing with any skin-related concerns you must give yourself time to see results but there are definitely a few instant tricks you can do if you are short on time.


Self-tanning: There has been a resurgence in self-tanner to hide pigmentation! Going for an olive-toned spray tan usually works best when trying to mask strawberry legs.

Bondi Sands

Aero Self-Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark

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My personal choice is the Bondi Sands Aero Self-Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark, when applied with a dense stippling brush, this mousse is a great instant disguise for strawberry legs.

One of my favorite long-term solutions for dealing with strawberry legs is using a physical exfoliant or chemical exfoliant. You may not realise it but shaving falls under physical exfoliation, the main thing to be aware of when shaving over any part of the body that has strawberry bumps is to reduce friction! I always advise using a shower oil when shaving, to elevate the experience I enjoy a fragranced shower oil (always patch test products first).


Body Hero Shower Oil

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If you are unfamiliar with shower oils and prefer to use a shaving gel or foam, that is perfect too, but if you are feeling adventurous, you cannot go wrong with the Glossier Body Hero Shower Oil.

The chemical of exfoliant of choice is typically one that is heavy in salicylic acid to really get into the pores. Salicylic acid is also great for dealing with the texture that can arise from strawberry legs. Salicylic acid can come in many forms from body washes to moisturizers. As the skin on the body is more resilient you can use your salicylic acid body products daily.

Frank Body & CeraVe

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I personally love having a double combo using the Frank Body Clearing Wash and the CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream.

My final tip may be somewhat controversial but if I am really in a pinch, I like to use a pumice stone to lightly exfoliate any stubborn areas of strawberry skin.

Whether you choose to ignore your strawberry skin or want to do something to alleviate the appearance, live life and get your legs out regardless!




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