The Ultimate Morning Skincare Routine: Step-by-Step Guide

8 November, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

Getting ready in the morning can feel like such a chore. Getting out of bed alone, can feel like you have scaled the side of the shard all before breakfast, when you have a clunky morning routine, this makes you feel even worse. At IALH we know you’re all jet setters and go getters, so by the time you finish reading this you will be able to create a morning routine to suit your busy morning schedule.

Time + Routine Structure+ Water Temperature?

The first thing most of my clients struggle with is finding the time to do their morning routine or slotting their routine into their already short shower time. There is a myth flying around in the skincare space that says you need to wait between steps when doing your skincare routine, this is not true for the most part. The only step you need to wait between is your moisturising or hydrating step that is prior to your sunscreen application. Waiting between sunscreen and previous steps, allows your skincare to dry down and not mix with your sunscreen application, allowing you to get your full SPF rating. You can actually do your entire routine in 5- 10 minutes, depending on your time preference and speed. For the morning, it is best to choose a shorter version of your nighttime routine. We have an aesthetician approved routine example below:

Cleanse – This would be a gel cleanser, if you have dry skin you may prefer using an oil cleanser or even just cleansing with water. If you prefer to shower in the evening, washing your face at the basin is completely fine, alternatively if you are a morning-shower fan use that time to also cleanse your face. Apart from deciding which cleansing method is suitable for you, getting your water temperature right is paramount. Although it is tempting to use hot water, go for a lukewarm cleanse- your skin will thank you later.

Treatment – As we are following a morning skincare routine time constraint, choosing a serum with multiple active ingredients to target your skin concern is the key to skincare success. As a general rule, your chosen product should contain at least 3 ingredients targeted to your skin concerns.

Moisturiser – This step is optional if your sunscreen acts as a moisturiser as well as an SPF. During winter using a moisturiser helps to protect your skin from elements and extreme cold. Moisturises containing ceramides, shea butter and glycerin help to hydrate your skin, preventing trans-epidermal water loss with continued use.

Sunscreen – If you are just stepping out the house for a light jog, errands or simply cannot be bothered with the rest of your routine, focus solely on sunscreen – it is vital. As we know, using sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer and prevents hyperpigmentation from getting darker. It is the core of any skincare routine.

Start practicing your morning routine on the weekends, so by the time Monday rolls around your routine is as swift as an F1 pit stop!


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