Why colour correcting is a flawless makeup essential

22 June, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott

Written by Nateisha Scott

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Have you ever scrolled through and paid attention to the make-up girlies’ routine on TikTok or Instagram? And then noticed how flawless their make-up base is as a finished result? That’s the beauty of colour correcting. It evens out your skin’s tone, helping you to work with an even canvas.

Nobody’s skin tone is perfectly even. Due to genetics, skin phases and concerns (even down to our lifestyles), ‘one even shade’ is challenging to achieve – even with facialists at your fingertips. And while it’s essential to invest in our skincare routines, there are little helpers such as colour correctors that’ll help us achieve an even complexion. In a range of pastel colours often including purple, green, orange and red, colour correctors help to correct and conceal different skin concerns from redness and rosacea to dark circles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Both in liquid and solid form, this is your guide to finding the best colour correctors for your skin tone.

Purple Colour Correctors

Purpose: Any purple, violet or lilac-coloured corrector is amazing for lifting dull skin or sallow undertones.

Where and how to apply: Often recommended to areas such as the cheeks, forehead or chin and as all colour correctors go, applied lightly with a concealer brush to avoid overloading.

Skin Tone: East-Asian skin tones.


Prisme Libre Corrector

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Make Up Forever

Step 1 Primer

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Green Colour Correctors

Purpose: Green colour correctors are phenomenal at counteracting or neutralising redness. It’s great for calming down any intense redness caused by inflammation, rosacea or pigmentation.

Where to apply: Apply on top of any blemishes or redness.

Skin Tone: Fair to mid-skin tones.

NYX Professional Makeup

HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

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CC Red Correct

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Color Corrector: Targeted Correction And A Natural Finish

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Orange / Red Colour Correctors

Purpose: Consider anything from peach and orange to red, as a great option to lift any dark marks, spots or pigmentation (even around your eyes). We even recommend that the stronger the red you go in colour, it can act as a corrector and concealer all in one.

Where to apply: under the eyes and on any dark marks.

Skin Tone: Brown and Black skin tones.


Camo Color Corrector

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Radiant Creamy Colour Corrector

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