Why you should consider changing your skincare routine this winter

3 November, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

Winter roles around every year, which means by now you’re either excited or dreading the change in weather. With a change in weather comes a change in your skincare habits and skin type. As your skin is a living organ, it is susceptible to environmental changes such as a drop in temperature and an increase in layers of clothing. These changes usually appear on the skin as extra dryness, redness and in some instances a broken skin barrier.

Once you start to notice the change in temperature, it’s time to reassess your skin needs and see if your product choices are still relevant to the skin concerns you are experiencing this winter.

How to reassess your skin needs

The best time to do any form of skin assessment is after your morning cleanser. Once your skin is product free, look for any signs of dryness, fine lines and broken capillaries. Some people also notice small patches of rough or textured skin. If these changes are something you have suddenly noticed, it may be linked to the weather. Just like those romcoms, it’s time for a routine overhaul montage.

When shopping for your new routine, looking for products containing ingredients such as centella asiatica, ceramides, urea, glycerin and shea butter to support your skin barrier.


Your cleansing option for the summer may have been something catered to oil control or a heavily foaming cleanser, but now winter is coming around it may be time to switch to a cream cleanser or even sticking to an oil and water cleanse.


Serums are a great way to further support your skin needs. Finding a barrier supporting serum that does it all can be quite difficult, but with a recent launch from the ordinary which contains centella, ceramides, niacinamide and bisabolol, this serum truly does it all. The striking pink of the serum, also adds an extra layer of fun to your skincare routine.


During the summer months, we are all partial to a light weight gel mosturiser, but now that our skin is prone to water loss and dry patches, we need to be thinking about a thicker option. The cetaphil moisturising cream provides a thick protective layer between your skin and the elements.

Another trick I picked up was using an ultra thick moisturiser as a mask, the best one for the job would be the Cicaplast b5 baume, which contains zinc. This treatment can leave a white cast on the skin, so it is best kept for an evening option.


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