3 types of coats every curvy woman needs

13 December, 2023 / words by May Mel

Outerwear has to be our favourite thing about this season (because we all know the darkness and coldness aint it). And as fashion loving girlies, we know a good coat isn’t just a necessity but when selected correctly, it’s THE outfit. With the weather changing, requiring more layers, investing in the right coats is a game-changer. And the right coat not only keeps you warm but can also elevate your style. Here are three must-have coat styles we think every curvy hun should consider adding to her collection:

The Timeless Trench Coat

A perennial wardrobe piece, the trench coat is a staple that transcends trends, era, personal styles and seasons. Its classic silhouette effortlessly flatters curves while radiating sophistication. We wear ours all year-round, layering and de-layering depending on the season. 

So versatile, the coats can be worn to any occasion; to the office or meeting friends for brunch, throw on a trench coat for an instantly polished look. Neutral shades like camel, black, or navy offer versatility and longevity, but don’t shy away from experimenting with bold colours or patterns to make that statement! Tip – go for a trench with a cinched waist to accentuate your curves. 

The Chic Wrap Coat

So feminine and warm, a wrap coat is a must-have for every curvy hun. The style beautifully drapes over curves, creating a flattering silhouette. The wrap design allows for easy adjustability, while allowing you to cinch it at the waist to highlight your curves or wear it loosely for a relaxed and casual look. Tip – try luxurious fabrics like wool or cashmere for added comfort, warmth and a refined feel.

The Hourglass Coat

Embrace, flatter and highlight your curves with an hourglass cut. Made famous by Balanciaga; the style is designed to mirror an hourglass with a nipped-in waist and structured shoulders and hips. Designed for a tailored fit with peak lapels, the finish is dramatic as much as it is sleek and minimalistic. This is literally our favourite of all coat designs and gets a compliment every time we wear ours! Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend thousands to own one, many brands have made their own versions.

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