5 trend pieces that will stand the test of time

25 March, 2022 / words by user

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Image by @jo.rdan

A lot of people shy away from buying “trendy” pieces of late because really if you’re spending hundreds of pounds on something, you really want said-item to stand the test of time. Although I understand and agree with this rhetoric, I feel it’s stopping many people from purchasing items that they truly like because they’re not classified as classics.

In my opinion, liking something is justification enough to buy it (provided the means are there) and as long as you predict that it’ll be something you’ll get good use out of, the cost per wear will be low enough to justify it as a sound purchase.

Here are a few trend pieces that I truly believe will stand the test of time and will get you great value for your money in regards to wearability, how versatile they are, and how likely you are to pass them down to a loved one (or keep forever).







Saint Laurent Paris

Opyum Heels

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I’ve heard that these YSL Opyum shoes hurt you as if you’ve offended them but in my opinion, they’re the most gorgeous and beautifully structured pair of heels I’ve ever seen. Imagine walking into your mum’s closet of vintage pieces and seeing these? Think of your lineage!

Bottega Veneta

Jodie Bag

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I’ve included the Bottega Veneta Jodie bag in this edit because of how versatile it is and out of all of the Bottega releases, this is the bag that I see people gravitate to the most. It’s so understated and is such a great size that it makes it multi-purposeful. You can wear it to work, brunch, church or even to the club. I assume that whoever has this bag gets so much wear out of it that the thought of the cost is thing of the past.


Croissant bag

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This Fendi bag is new but has so many timeless elements to it. The large hardwire gives it that classic appeal but its small size and texture is really what caught my eye. Sticking to a neutral colour is what will really keep its shelf life in your wardrobe. Also, the price is so good that it almost makes me think they’ve miscalculated it? It’s rare to see any designer bag big enough to fit more than your AirPods for under £1000 these days!


Hourglass Bag

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Everybody and their mamma have this Balenciaga hourglass bag but I completely understand why. The price point makes it quite an attainable and realistic purchase for some of us who aren’t trying to blow it all on a bag. It’s genuine a stunning bag that I feel will be relevant for a while even though it’s a trend piece. It’s a great entry-level bag for anyone wanting to start their luxury bag collection.

Amina Muaddi

Begum Heels

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Amina Muaddi’s are probably the most trendy luxury goods right now and are undeniably having their moment. For me, the Begum slingbacks and the Lupita mules are the only shoes in the roster that could be considered to have longevity. Wear them with jeans, a mini skirt, a dress, or a pantsuit and you’re good to go! 





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