8 styling tips to elevate any outfit

9 June, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott

Written by Nateisha Scott

Image by @sarahlysander

You don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds to look effortlessly polished. Equally, you don’t need to only own designer pieces in your wardrobe to look flawlessly put together and expensive. It’s all in how you transform your outfits to not only suit your style but for you to feel confident and therefore look confident, exuding the luxury wardrobe you desire. Between having a tailoring service ready for clothing tweaks to having matching sets in your wardrobe, these are 8 ways to transform your outfits regardless of your budget.

1) Think tonal

Now we’re not saying that bold and clashing prints are a right off, but we think about approaching a 2-3 colour match for your outfits. Tonal looks and complimentary shades immediately scream put together. So try a white T-shirt and white trench coat paired with coloured jeans and fun shoes. Or when it comes to an evening event a bold dress and matching accessories, the list is endless. Equally, if you enjoy tonal and monochrome looks, try an all-black outfit with a silver or metallic shoe, chic and simple.


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2) Find a tailor

Gone are the days when we’re forcing ourselves into European clothing standards. Instead, find an item that you love (even if it’s a few sizes too big) and get it tailored to fit YOU. Not only will you have an item of clothing tailor-made for you, but you can play with length, fit and silhouette, immediately transforming any outfit.

3) Quality basics

Now we can’t stress enough how a quality basic can transform your outfit. From heavy sweatshirts to heavyweight T-shirts, when your basics are a cut above the rest, the rest of your outfit will follow suit regardless.


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4) Accessories and Embellishments

A belted moment here and a gold jewellery piece there. You can simply be wearing a top and jeans and you can add a pair of sunglasses, earrings and a necklace and find your outfit levels reach a 10/10. Invest in your accessories and they’ll carry your outfits without a second thought, trust us.


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5) Play with silhouettes

Another way to transform your outfits is by playing with silhouettes. While it’s not always about figure-hugging styles and equally not always oversized fits, playing with proportions is dependent on the outfit. An oversized shirt tucked in a pair of leggings, a fitted bodysuit underneath an oversized blazer or flared trousers with a tie-waist blazer – when you play with silhouettes you immediately create dimension with your outfit that’ll ensure it stands out for all the right reasons.

6) Matching sets

Not only part of a working wardrobe but matching sets are a simple way to transform your outfit with little brainpower. Consider silk options for summer and cotton or wool sets for winter. With more ways to style them than one, you can try an open shirt with a vest top underneath, the shirt buttoned up and flowing or the shirt half tucked into the matching trousers for an easy in-between. Add your shoe and accessories of choice and you’re out the door.


Wide-sleeved linen shirt

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7) Textures

While we want smooth dolphin skin when it comes to our skincare, the texture is celebrated in our wardrobes – it’ll transform your outfit in seconds. A wool jumper and denim jeans, a cotton t-shirt and linen trench coat, a metallic shoe and bag or even a silk shirt and satin blazer – the options are endless, but when you showcase some diversity in the texture of your clothes, you immediately elevate your outfits. 

8) Clothing maintenance

Nobody should leave the house with messy or unkept clothing items because, at the end of the day, it’s a lifestyle hun. Clean trainers, remove scuff marks off your shoes, steam your clothes, repair any holes, whitening your whites. The devil is in the detail and you’ll only extend the life of your clothes when you do so.

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