Fashion Trends for 2023: What’s In and What’s Out

23 October, 2023 / words by Cloe Vaz-Wiggins

Is it too early? To start recapping on what we might not be doing for a while? You guessed it, it’s not. Every year, we see new trends emerging from fashion shows and shortly after on your favourite – insert yours – wearing it. We see the trends come and go, and with winter coming, it’s the perfect time to assess the situation.

What did Keke say, one thing is certain and one thing is true, skinny jeans haven’t been the same in a while, the slim fits, skinny styles and leggings that are not activewear seem to be staying behind. The next one hurts as a mini bag stan, but the micros, the minis are not the same, it’s all about slouchy and more substantial handbags. Bucket hats are done and quiet luxury, meaning less is more is the direction that seems to be universal and taking over the fashion world.

Having stated all of that, remember the core notion of fashion is that you express yourself however you’d like. Here is what’s in:

The more vibrant red, the better

I would absolutely bet, that for majority of us that love fashion and are reading this right now could remember or reference a red moment.  I hope an outfit you wore come to mind, because there’s truly something about wearing a red look, if you didn’t, maybe take this as your sign.

Show a little something

What I love about this trend is that it will look so different on everyone, it’s all about finding the things you want to draw attention to and the ones you like to reserve. The right amount of fun, sexy, but still in many ways reserved.

Shoulder work

All over the runway for next season, the emphasis on the shoulder or the neckline is a big focus. Think off the shoulder, asymmetrically or across the chest. 

Sweater weather

It’s finally here, nothing cosier than when the time of the year comes when you can pull out your sweaters, get some new vibes and enjoy the change of seasons.


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