How to find your heel size in high fashion’s most coveted styles

26 November, 2021 / words by user

Written by Team Classles

Image by @NoorieAna

As one of Instagram’s first social media based personal shopping services, we regularly come across an array of clients who are trying to elevate their shoe collections, from the classic Christian Louboutin Pigalles to the Insta-famous Amina Muaddi Begums. With this comes the daunting task of trying to assist our clients with size advice that can fluctuate depending on the brand and the client.

Our DMs are continually full of women trying to grab the most highly coveted styles such as the picture-perfect Amina Muaddi Begum heels, or Bottega Veneta’s signature style stars, many of which we sell on our Classles platform (at prices you can’t beat!). 

Unfortunately, these popular styles hardly make it to the shelves of the luxury department stores, as most sales assistants tend to prioritise their VIP clients thus making it impossible to physically try on a pair in store. This, coupled with extremely limited size and stock levels, means that many are left with little to no guidelines to refer to when making an online purchase.

If you’re a Classles girl, then you’re well aware that there’s nothing that we can’t get our hands on regardless of it being high in demand, and we regularly find these highly sought-after styles from our private sales partners at amazing price points. As you can imagine, they end up selling out super quickly, so it is great to know your size ahead of time. Knowing your shoe size will help you to avoid missing out on our bargains when you see them because we know our Classles Huns have fast fingers!

To keep you in the running to snag one of our great deals, we’ve collated this tried-and-tested guideline for our dedicated shoe lovers, featuring all of the signature styles from the hottest brands. Look out for the Classles stamp of approval to see whether or not the style runs small, if it’s true to size or if you need to go a full size up.

We don’t always get it 100% correct as everyone’s feet are unique, but we’ve used our expert know-how to guide you to as close to the perfect fit as possible!

So, now that you’re well versed in sizing, come over and shop with us at Classles and bag yourself a beauty!

Happy shopping!




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