How to transition into fall like a pro

24 October, 2021 / words by user

Written by Genira Lima

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The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and the trees are flaunting their exquisite shades of yellow, orange and brown. Yes, fall is here, and I am so excited for the cooler, windier days that allow us to step our outfits up a notch. As much as I love my hot girl summer for obvious reasons, there is nothing like transition season dressing. Similar to spring, fall is a smooth transition between seasons where the temperature slowly decreases allowing us to be much more versatile and creative with our outfits. You can either layer up your summer basics with chunky knits or pick thicker fabrics in summer like shape. Yes, it’s very unpredictable, it can go from 8° degrees in the morning to 25°degrees in the afternoon, but if you pick the right garments, you can always build on or remove the extra layers. The trick to perfect your stylish and effective autumn aesthetics is to always have solid basics underneath. Go for a good tank top, a well-cut t-shirt or a simple dress and then start building up with heavier pieces. 

Get inspired with the pieces I am currently obsessing about and will definitely be adding to my Autumn wardrobe! 

The knit dress

As I mentioned earlier, the beauty of this season’s dressing is that brands usually recreate our summertime favourites in thicker fabrics and warmer colours, providing the texture and dimension that summer wear usually lacks. If you’re as obsessed with knitwear as I am, Anna Quann’s clothes should be on the top of your wish list. She makes simple yet solid pieces, in pure cotton knit. It’s sophisticated, minimal and a necessary staple that will survive even the coldest days. Speaking of my pick, the Isla dress, I love the nude back, the evasé sleeves and the length of it. Add some chunky dad sandals for warmer days or a cool pair of sneakers for the cooler ones and you’re good to go.

The tracksuit

Leisure wear is here to stay, and I am here for it. There’s nothing like a comfy, warm and cool set to run errands or even grab lunch with your girls. I love outfits that don’t require too much thought but still look as you’re the most stylish thing around and that’s exactly what you get with Sporty&Rich. During fall, most days are chilly enough for you to wear a sweater but also balmy enough for you to go bare legged so don’t be afraid to try this sort of look. I’m into neutrals a lot, but if you do love a pop of color, try The Pangaia. They make super nice tracksuits in the most highly pigmented tones. 

A cool pair of sneaks

Every season has its shoe, and I believe the New Balance 550 is the chosen one for fall 2021. It’s been all over my feed and as much as I try not to buy into every trend, I have a soft spot for sneakers. It’s versatile, comfortable and wearable throughout the year, so why not buy just one more pair? And speaking of versatility, have you noticed that every single piece I mentioned above goes with this shoe? So yes, get the sneaks girl!

The knit set

Still within the scope of lazy outfits that don’t necessarily look like you gave up on life, this Massimo Dutti midi skirt and sweater combo are the ultimate attire for an autumn working day. The colour and cut make this an effortless yet elegant option for the office, that can be paired with booties or white plain sneakers depending on the level of causality your corporate dress code allows. I’d also wear it for occasions such as brunch on a Sunday. Whatever you do, just make sure you keep this for daytime, as autumn nights tend to be on the colder side. 





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