How to wear sneakers without looking too casual 

17 May, 2022 / words by user

Written by Cloé Vaz-Wiggins

Image by @aimazin


Isn’t it amazing that we live in a world where we can wear trainers and feel both comfortable and fashionable all at the same time? And isn’t it even more amazing that you can wear them to work? I remember a time when that just wasn’t the case, like, no way you can step into a meeting with your sneakers on.

But times have changed, and street style and its influence have finally been acknowledged, celebrated, and normalized across the industry so, we’re good! If you work in a creative space this might not be a big milestone or something you have to think twice about, but if you work in a corporate environment that is a little stricter, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Include a tailored element to your look

That might be a blazer, tailored trousers, a vest, or a shirt. Adding this element elevates the look and quite honestly, distracts people from assuming your look is casual just because you’re wearing trainers.

Go Monochrome

There are honestly few moments where you can go wrong with a full monochrome look, and this is not one of them. Sharp, clean, and in its own way a statement. It also enables you to wear more colorful trainers or go the classic route with a black or white pair.


Adding some earrings, a scarf or a bag can really take the look to another place and once again make it about so much more than the fact that you’re wearing sneakers or not.

Jewellery always elevates and adds character to the look, so have fun!

Nike Dunk Low

Retro White Black Panda

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The holy grail! These Nike Dunks Low are an actual staple. Picture an all-black look with them, an all-white look with them, a leather-look, a tailored look. They virtually go with everything and are in itself a statement. You actually NEED these.


Chuck 70 Sneakers

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How nostalgic is it to always connect or see a Converse? And I’ve never been a Chuck’s girl, but man we’ve been around each other. These are a good option to wear with jeans and shirts, or jeans and a blazer, they’re sleek and will still look super smart.

New Balance 550

Aime Leon Dore White Grey

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What I love about these new balances are how transitional they are. You can definitely wear them in a super casual way and a super elevated way. On both, it still maintains its character and that dad shoe energy that is a vibe in itself.


Nama Suede and Mesh Sneakers

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These are unconventional and not for everybody, but the great thing about them is how many colours you can play with. You can pick one and build your outfit around it, matching different tones or going full monochrome. These are also great with skirts and dresses.


Campo Leather Sneakers

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These Veja sneakers are actually quite classic in their own right, a perfect addition to a tailored look, or paired with a big coat or trench coat.




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