Solutions that will help your high heels be less painful

7 December, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

In our opinion, there are some outfits that need to be worn with heels. There’s s certain finishing touch that adds allure and femininity once heels are added which you really can’t replicate with flats. But as much as we love chic heeled shoes, there so much to be said for how much they bloody hurt! From rubbing on your little toe, to the raging fire that takes over the ball of your feet, sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself to slip them on in the name of looking good.

Of course, we want to encourage you to make the best lifestyle and fashion choices but we also want you to benefit from a happy medium and we think we’ve curated just that! Our list of solutions that will help your high heels feel less painful include everything from foot soothing sprays to shoe gummies that you can stick under your shoes to make the pressure less intense – your party dresses will thank you later.


IALH Editor


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