Still not convinced about the “baggy” trend, as a curvy hun, try these pieces..

15 December, 2023 / words by May Mel

Baggy jeans have quietly emerged at the top trend of 2023.. And if you didn’t know this.. where have you been sis?! Along with all things ’90s, this fall 2023 denim trend is easily one of the most popular denim styles of the season. And we pear shaped folk are extremely grateful for a style that’s so inclusive; embracing all shapes and sizes while being the epitome of all things cool. We’re so HERE for baggy jeans — long may they continue!

Easily the most comfortable trend of them all, this trend skews towards an emphasis on style, not size. It works perfectly for the curvy ‘little top, big bottom’ outfit formula, but is not limited to it. Remember.. fashion favours the bold… so dress your jeans with a crop top for a cool and casual look that’s great for creating a balanced look. Or go big or go home with a double denim look that sets you apart from the rest! The style combinations are almost endless.

With so many options to play with, you can go from the oversized look; the ultra-wide leg to relaxed, tailored trousers. Here are some of our favourite baggy jeans to shop this fall/winter 2023.


May Mel


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