Best Bottega Veneta Pieces to Invest In

16 December, 2021 / words by user

Written by Team Clasless

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If you consider yourself to be THAT GIRL then you won’t be a stranger to the name Daniel Lee! Daniel Lee is the iconic creative director to Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta who came to the brand in 2018 and took the fashion scene by a storm.

As soon as he stepped on the scene, every girl automatically began to dress in Bottega from head to toe. From the likes of high fashion models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Beiber to rap icons such as Lil Kim and Cardi B – everyone has been spotted in Bottega. Since 2018 to date, we’ve all witnessed the rise and rise of ‘New Bottega’ which also birthed a new unofficial Instagram page with a dedicated cult following. 

So when Daniel announced his departure from the brand back in November, many of us were left shocked and confused. After only just a short stint at the brand, he completely transformed the brand’s trajectory and propelled it to IT girl fashion status in every sense of the word. 

So now that Daniel Lee has left, what will become of Bottega Veneta? Who will be the next Creative Director? Most importantly for luxury consumers, which New Bottega pieces should we invest in to ensure we are getting a return on our investment? Bottega Veneta typically carries trendy pieces which makes it tricky to invest in, but we believe that every closet needs trendy pieces to round out your personal style, keeping it fun and youthful.  

We’ve selected our best fashion picks from the Bottega Veneta brand that we believe will continue to hold weight long after its purchase date, and you can be sure to get great value for your money in regards to cost per wear. 


The first roll-out from Daniel Lee’s debut collection featured the most gorgeous leather padded mules which became a sold-out phenomenon in the fashion retail world. It was almost impossible to get these shoes and from there, we were introduced to the stretch and the Lido mules which are personal favourite of mine.

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Large Pouch

At first, this bag seemed almost silly. A large empty sac that we have to carry around with no handle? And now, we can’t imagine our lives without it! It’s so casual chic, cut from the finest Italian leather. It can be worn with an evening dress or even a full tracksuit! I myself haven’t invested in one yet, but I recommend the woven large pouch in a pop of colour like pink or green or a gorgeous animal print like the infamous zebra embossed leather large pouch.

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Spiral sandals

These shoes took a while to grow on us but once we saw how the fashion girls styled them on Instagram we were completely sold! We love the snakeskin sandal that comes in a small heel or flat version – the mustard colour is particularly gorgeous in the summertime. 

They initially sold out everywhere, but Classles does occasionally find random sizes from time to time, so jump at the chance when you see one!

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Stretch sandals 

The stretch sandal featuring the square toe is the most iconic piece from the New Bottega era! The padded soles gave us a little more grip, and they allowed us to wear heels with sweatpants to dress it down but also dress it up with a blazer. Honestly, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a pair of Bottega stretch sandals in their closet. 

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Lug Boots 

Finally, for those who live life on the edge, you must get a pair of Bottega lug boots. They are super heavy and bulky but they are durable and can get you through any snowstorm in the most fashionable way. You can’t do winter without the lug boots so make sure you have invested in a pair before it becomes discontinued. 

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There’s been talk of a new creative director and many of us are wondering what will be brought to the table by this new arrival, but one thing we do hope is that whoever it is they uphold the brand’s originality and brand identity that Daniel Lee left behind. 




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