The best fitting shirts for huns with bigger boobs

26 June, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Kelle Salle

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If you have big boobs, then you’ll know how challenging it can be to find the right outfit. I’ve always struggled to find clothes that will flatter my figure without drawing too much attention to my chest. Finding tops and shirts that are big boob friendly is such a struggle and while comfort is a non-negotiable and I don’t mind sizing up, it isn’t something I want to do all the time.

Most of the brands on the high street aren’t big boob friendly. A few weeks ago, I was looking for some formal tops and I couldn’t help but notice that most of them were too low, too high or failed to consider people who have big boobs might not want to go braless in the name of fashion. Looking for shirts that are big boob friendly is a time-consuming task, especially if you’re shopping online. If you are looking for shirts that are big boob friendly and you don’t know where to begin, I’d recommend focusing on style, material, length and occasion. 

For some more insight, we’ve sought the expertise of Megan Watkins, Head Stylist of online fashion destination Silk Fred. Keep reading for more on which type of shirts are big boob friendly, do’s and don’ts when shopping around and a few recommendations.

What should women with big boobs be looking for in a shirt?

Women with bigger busts should be looking for styles that accentuate and elongate their necks and torso in order to avoid looking frumpy and top-heavy. Cowl, square and scoop necklines are perfect for bigger busts, whereas high-necked styles will make torsos look shorter and are often ill-fitting around the bust area. In terms of shirts, women with big boobs should look for styles that can be unbuttoned to show the neck and chest area. Shirts that have a wrap or off-the-shoulder silhouette will also flatter a bigger bust.

What are some dos and don’ts when it comes to wearing a shirt if you have big boobs?

It’s important to find a shirt that won’t make gaps between buttons or stretch over the bust area. Whether you’re going for a slim fit or oversized style, finding a shirt that fits properly is of the utmost importance and will make for a more elegant look. If you want to buy a shirt that has a pattern, I would suggest vertical lines as they will elongate your torso in a subtle shade, like light blue or pink. If you want a shirt dress, a cinched waist will help create a stylish silhouette. As far as what not to do, I would avoid bold patterns and prints. Patterns and prints will pull focus to your upper body and throw off your proportions. I would also recommend staying away from cropped styles that won’t allow for unbuttoning as they’ll make your torso look shorter.

Are there any shirts you’d recommend for women with big boobs?

At the moment, I’m loving this oversized navy shirt. It can be unbuttoned and tucked-in and the oversized fit is super on-trend at the moment. It’s perfect for bigger busts and the navy colour is great for layering.

Like most items, finding a perfect shirt for a bigger bust is all about finding the right fit. If you’re shopping online I would suggest reading the reviews and specs. Also, don’t be afraid to order different sizes to see which one fits best. If you really love a style but it doesn’t fit the way you’d like it to, go to your local tailor. Alterations will create a long-lasting staple piece you can fall back on for years to come.



Here’s our selection of shirts that are big boob friendly:


Sabinas cropped silk wrap shirt

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Kai Collective

Mawuli Printed Plisse

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Kmono Top Ld31

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Vero Moda via ASOS

Oversized Shirt

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