Your knitwear guide for this winter

13 November, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott

If there is one thing you can guarantee as an investment come Winter, it’s your knitwear. A perfectly fitting piece of knitwear will last years when you look after it, and when you find the style and material that works best with your wardrobe, you’re onto a winner. But, huns, we know how taxing it may feel to scroll through endless websites, unsure of what will stand the test of time and won’t scratch all day or lose its shape in the wash. So, we’ve put together a brief point-by-point knitwear guide that’ll separate the cashmere from the wool mix and the best knitwear styles to invest in that’ll last for years.

First port of call, your material mixes and what to look out for:

Wool: Sheep’s wool can be soft and tender; however, depending on the sheep, you may find that your jumper will itch and scratch, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Merino wool: Merino wool sits perfectly between a sheep’s wool and cashmere. Comfortable, warm and cost-effective, introducing a merino wool jumper into your collection won’t go amiss.

Cashmere: Wool from a cashmere goat. You’ll find that a cashmere jumper is soft, delicate, and has exceptional layering. Non-irritating, breathable and robust, you’ll note how expensive a 100% cashmere jumper is. Still, if you invest in a cashmere mix, you’ll benefit from the material without the extensive price point.

Mohair: Mohair knitwear is big, bouncy, and has strands of wool that stand out from the jumper. Depending on the mohair type, we recommend wearing a T-shirt underneath to avoid irritation.

Cotton: The most popular material when it comes to knitwear. Cotton is generally lighter and has a soft touch on the skin. It also is easy to wash and rarely loses its shape when drying.

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