4 drinks to try instead of your morning coffee

28 February, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Cloé Vaz-Wiggins

Image by @missyanacherie

I have a question for you, why do you drink coffee?

Is it a love affair thing? Do you love the smell, the taste, the ritual of making or buying your coffee from your habitual place? Or… is it, more of an identity thing, like holding a coffee provides a certain support, a crutch of sorts, that tells other people who you are? Or, the reason you drink coffee as your morning sacred drink is, practically and specifically, to give your body caffeine first thing?

Is that too deep? Have you ever thought about it? Really thought about the reason or reasons, as to why you consciously drink coffee for, or because, first thing in the morning?

Whichever the case, and I do hope you consider consciously, openly, I’d love to share some options that eventually could replace your morning coffee. If you’re wondering my answers to those questions, it goes a little bit like this: I always loved the smell and the taste of coffee candy, when I was old enough to try the actual coffee drink, which in Portugal consists of ‘uma bica’, short and hot little cup and, let me tell you – it’s strong, I never really wanted to do it again.

In my early 30’s I started enjoying it more, I learned different ways in which I could have coffee and actually enjoy it, with different types of milk or sweeteners and also, if I’m being honest, I started getting attached to holding that cup, when I’m running around, need to write or have a meeting with someone (happens with solo meetings too) that cup feels like an accessory. 

My answer is also this, every time I drink coffee my sleep pattern ends up all over the place, my energy spikes and then comes crashing down and the buzz it gives me (I already have a lot of energy) doesn’t feel the best. So, I started learning, reading and educating myself about caffeine, about coffee and its effects across the body and got super curious, super intrigued by all the other drink options we actually have. 

I’m a huge morning routine person and finding the right drink for me has actually been quite fun. Learning about what I need, what I want and where I can get it from feels empowering and right. So, I hope these suggestions make you answer a few questions, think about a few things, open Google and research, listen to podcasts and get deep into what works for you! What truly works for your morning and how you set yourself up for the rest of the day.

Also this is not a coffee is bad article, it’s just a – consider these other options article!

Remember alkaline?

A few weeks ago, we were talking about all things alkaline, guess what, that’s an option. Lemon water, first thing in the morning, instead of your coffee. Yes, this is caffeine free, but it provides a substantial dose of vitamin C. So, maybe this one is not for everyone but, if you’re more into getting your immune system right first thing that giving it caffeine, then maybe this could be for you. 

Tea, tea, tea!

A perfect, most adaptable option. Why? It can be whatever you want it to be! Need some caffeine? Think green, oolong, white, black and purple teas. No caffeine and addressing specific areas of your body? Think more herbal teas, ginger, peppermint, chamomile, raspberry, and so on. Also, think of the benefits of tea and how you want to use them for your lifestyle, your body and where you stand. Something for inflammation, maybe you’re feeling under the weather, maybe you need some calm, whatever it is, I’m pretty sure you can find the right blend or the right tea for almost everything. There’s a reason why tea is a superfood.

Matcha is an acquired taste, but boy, once it’s acquired!

The taste can be an acquired one, let’s be real about, there is a fishy undertone that might take a second to get used to, but once you learn/get used to the flavour, the preparation and finding your mix (the type of milk you use, honey or maple syrup, iced or warm). Matcha is actually amazing for you. It’s rich in antioxidants and many studies show that it may help prevent diabetes, may protect brain function amongst many others. So many proven benefits. Oh, and has the caffeine part covered.

Golden milk

Another beautiful, caffeine free option, antioxidant rich drink, packed with historical ingredients and spices that invigorate and have an array of health benefits for you. Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper. For me the star of the show – turmeric (one of the most studied spices in the world). Its anti-inflammatory properties alone should urge you to research and see how you can incorporate it or how it can fit into your lifestyle. This is one of those rabbit holes to get lost into.

After all, who said that the morning drink has to be coffee?


You decide!

You get to choose what works best for you, yours and your life.


IALH Editorial Team


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