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6 April, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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Originally ‘charcuterie’ just meant cured meats, like salami, ham and prosciutto, but recently we’ve been taking it up a notch and I love to create a board full of meats, cheeses, breads, oils and even fruits to cater for everyone. Charcuterie boards are so versatile and can used for brunch, parties or just for snacks. The key to making them look great, is making everything easily accessible, not overfilling the board (you can always refill!) and using foods that add a pop of colour.

1. Arrange things so they are easy to get and fan out cheeses, crackers and sliced meats instead of stacking as it’s easier for people to serve themselves.

2. Decant spreads and condiments into small dishes so everything is the same size and matches on your board.

3. If you have leftover space fill with small fruits, or nuts or even herbs to give your board that finished look!

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Perfect for displaying all your carefully curated foods.

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Comes in two sizes to allow you to size up and down depending on how many people you’re catering for.

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Straight Crystalline Tumbler

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Chuck the breadsticks or any other loose snack for the board into these tumblers to keep things neat!

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