Is it time to get an airfryer? Here’s 3 reasons

17 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team


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Everywhere you look it seems somebody is cooking with an airfryer. Whether it be the food hun you follow on Instagram or your friend telling you they just got one and can’t wait to try and roast a whole chicken in it! It’s true they definitely cook faster than a conventional oven but with so many on the market how do you know what one’s right for you – if any! As always we’re breaking it down for you…

1) Saves money

People get drawn to airfryers for a host of reasons, it may be through a recommendation from someone they know or they were influenced by their fave IG girl. If you cook in small quantities or just for yourself most of the time then it’s definitely a good investment. They use a lot less energy than other cooking methods (particularly the stove and the oven) and due to their size, they’re also better for the environment vs. heating up a whole oven for say 1 or 2 jacket potatoes.

2) Healthier

They require little to no oil and you still get golden brown food. If you’re wanting to reduce the amount of oil and fat you cook with then an airfryer is a good idea. It’s also far less mess at the end, with just one tray or pan to pull out and clean, rather than a greasy frying pan or heavy pot.

3) Extremely versatile

Remember when your Mum said she’s managed to cook a whole roast chicken in hers and you didn’t believe it, well depending on the size of the airfryer it might just be true. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can cook pretty much anything so long as you have the space. Many have pre-set programs so you can go from delicate fish one night to super crispy chips the next.

Here are some of our faves if we’ve persuaded you to make the switch…


Foodi Dual Air Fryer 7.6L 

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Instant Pot

Vortex Plus ClearCook Air Fryer, 5.7L

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Smart Oven™ Air Fryer Stainless Steel Countertop

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