3 moisturising hair sprays that’ll help you on your hair growth journey

17 November, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

Afro-textured hair is a crown of unique beauty, but to keep those curls popping and coils bouncing, hydration is the name of the game! Here’s why keeping your afro hair well-hydrated is more than just a little beauty routine;

Afro hair is naturally drier than other hair types due to its unique structure. Each kink and curl can make it challenging for natural oils to travel from the scalp all the way down to the ends, and these oils are extremely necessary when it comes to keeping your hair hydrated. Regular hydration ensures your hair doesn’t become akin to the Sahara desert, preventing breakage, split ends, and promoting overall hair health.

Ever wondered how some people’s curls look like they’ve literally dipped their head in the ocean? Daily hydration is the secret sauce! Well-moisturized hair enhances curl definition, giving your locks a vibrant and luscious appearance.

Dry hair is prone to breakage, and no one wants that, Hun. Keeping your hair hydrated hair will make it more elastic, reducing the risk of breakage..In the world of afro hair care, hydration isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. It’s the key to maintaining those gorgeous curls, preventing damage, and showcasing the unique beauty of your natural hair which is why we want to let you in on our 3 favourite moisturising sprays that’ll keep your strands quenched!


IALH Editor


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