3 Protective styles to try that aren’t wigs

28 September, 2023 / words by Diane Tuffuoh

When it comes to showcasing the splendour of natural hair, the possibilities are boundless. Yet, amid the realm of endless choices, there’s a secret weapon that not only shields your strands but elevates them to their full potential – protective hairstyles. These styles aren’t just about showing off your curls, they’re your ticket to preventing damage, maintaining impeccable hydration, and achieving those hair length goals that may have felt out of reach.

Having your hair tucked away, may be exactly what your hair needs. It’s important to remember you still need to keep your hair moisturised, hydrated, and nourished when your hair is in a protective style. Using your fave leave-in conditioner or hydration spray will do the trick while your strands are taking their well needed break.

Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are a staple and a great protective hairstyle option as it helps improve hair growth as the hair strands are protected. There is also less tension on the scalp as extensions are fed through the braids. This style gives you easy access to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated.


From all back stitch braids to choosing which conrow pattern you fancy, this style gives you the opportunity to keep your tress away, while allowing you to be super creative. This get up and go look, makes life easy for you keep your hair nourished while in this protective style.

Low Tension Bun

This is a classic statement look that is simple and effortless, suited for our huns that prefer to keep their hair away for a shorter period of time. It’s a low manipulation hair style that will keep your hair neatly put away.


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