4 things to try to stimulate hair growth

25 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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How to grow your hair faster or get thicker, stronger locks is a common question, it also produces tons of different advice and responses. Hair is the quickest growing tissue in the human body, but excessive shedding, heat damage and not trimming frequently can all have a detrimental impact on your hair growth journey. Here are 4 things we swear by to see results…


1) Keep your hair hydrated

If your hair is drying out, it’s more likely to break and things like dry heat, over-shampooing or frequent dying can cause dryness. Nobody’s saying chuck the straighteners or bleach kit away, but consider what you can do to combat some of the effects these things have on your hair. Try nourishing masks or deep conditioners weekly. Oiling is another great way to get your hair the moisture it needs.


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2) Try a treatment

Hair growth treatments can be a good way to get your hair all the ingredients it needs in one go. You need to be religious with it, but if you stick to the plan you should see results within a month. Our fave is Regrowz, for thicker, healthier looking hair that also prevents thinning and hair loss.


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3) Trim frequently

Trimming doesn’t just remove split ends, it promotes healthy hair growth too. Removing the damaged hair with sharp professional scissors is the best way to give your hair the chance to grow.


4) Hair vitamins

Biotin and zinc are what you’re looking for in a hair vitamin, these ingredients are essential for healthy hair and as we’ve been saying, healthy hair is hair that grows.


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