5 hair dying myths you should stop believing

5 May, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Diane Tuffuoh

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There are so many myths when it comes to bleaching and dying your hair and I’m here to demystify some of those for you. I recently bleached my hair and beforehand I also had so many misconceptions about the process and what the condition of my hair would be like once it was done. Nevertheless, I had the best experience, my hair is thriving, my curl pattern hasn’t been compromised and I’m absolutely loving my new colour.

So, what is the truth? Does bleaching damage your hair? Is all bleach made the same? After speaking to three amazing hair stylist who are extremely experienced in bleaching and colouring hair, they shared and uncovered some truths that could help you on your journey to that new hair colour you’ve been wanting to rock!

1) Bleach ruins your hair

This is one of the most asked questions hair stylists often get approached with. Andrée Marie, hair stylist and founder of Maison Style Hair Salon explains, “your hair must be in a healthy state. Damaged hair won’t do well with extensive colour but done the right way and with good after care, you can still have hair that thrives.” Sharon Adjei hair stylist and founder of Josh Hair and Beauty Salon agrees and adds, “it’s important to get your hair done professionally and have a consultation with your hair stylist to assess your hair so the appropriate steps can be taken to see if your hair has the ability to be coloured.” Overall if you have heathy hair, your hair will not be ruined if done professionally and properly. Aftercare is a huge factor in maintaining your healthy hair once bleach or colour has been applied.

2) My dark hair needs stronger bleach

Alisha Dobson, senior hair stylist at Bleach London shares that “it’s often thought that black hair is very strong and needs strong bleach to get light results however, the opposite is true.” So, there you have it, black hair doesn’t always need stronger bleach in order to get lighter results. My dark virgin hair was a true testament to this. I used a gentle bleach called Low and Slow by Bleach London which gave me light results.

3) Bleaching will ruin my curls

“This is false information as bonding protectors and built-in bonding systems in products help the hair get back to its natural state. Products such as K18 and Olaplex are amongst some great products for good aftercare. Using such products are essential,” says Andrée. And it is as simple as that, bleaching your hair does not ruin your curl pattern, but you must prioritise looking after your hair once it has been bleached.

4) My hair colour won’t last

“Very often, good quality bleaches will allow the colour to last. There are also shampoos and toners which will help the longevity of the colour,” says Sharon.

5) All bleach is made equal

This in fact is not the case. Alisha tells us that “different brands will contain different ingredients and different hair types; textures and desired results will be suited to some over others. An example of this is bleach containing bond building or clay bleach.” Make sure you do your research to find a bleach that works best for you or better yet, seek professional advice before committing to the process.


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