5 silk sleeping accessories for frizz-free hair

13 February, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Diane Tuffuoh

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Making sure your curls are well kept and protected while you sleep is a part of your hair care routine that will help to keep your curls healthy. Protecting your hair with silk-based products makes all the difference to you waking up to a good hair day. There are so many benefits to silk-based accessories that include keeping your hair smooth, soft and frizz-free, while also helping to retain moisture and hydration. They are also known to reduce friction which results in less breakage.

We’ve listed 5 silk accessories that are great additions to your bedtime hair routine..

Silk wraps

Silk wraps keep your hair nicely tucked away and free from friction when moving around as you sleep. It helps to retain moisture, promotes hair growth and can boosts the thickness of your hair. Using a silk wrap will have you waking up to frizz-free hair.


Hair wrap

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Silk pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is a must have and can be used even if you have something covering your hair. It’s also a great alternative if you do not use a silk wrap, hair scarf or bonnet. Having a silk pillowcase has benefits for both your hair and skin, so it’s a win all round. As well as keeping your hair frizz free, it causes less friction, absorbs less moisture and helps prevent wrinkles.


Envelope Silk Pillowcase

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Silk scrunchie

If you want to tie your hair up for bed, a silk scrunchie is what you should use. It helps keep your hair strands from tangling and snagging which helps prevent breakage. Having a silk scrunchie will also help you take down your up do with more ease in preparation for styling.


Hair ties

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Silk curl set

Want to achieve beach waves or ringlet curls overnight? This heat free curl set will have you waking up with luscious smooth curls. They are soft and comfortable enough to sleep in and will allow you to achieve beautiful curls without adding heat to your hair.

St Claire’s Hair

Heat-Free Silk Curl Set

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Silk bonnet

Silk bonnets are another way of keeping your hair away and protected at night. This is a great option for those who have longer hair due to its larger size. A silk bonnet provides you with the same benefits of smooth, frizz-free hair, while retaining the moisture and curl definition.

Silk Silky

Pure Silk Classic Sleep Cap

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