All the benefits of avocado oil for your hair

3 October, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Avocado oil does wonders for so many things, it’s good for your skin, your diet and of course your hair. They’re packed with nutrients that your body and hair absorb easily. The fatty acid known as oleic acid is what nourishes hair and leaves you with thicker and stronger locks.

It also contains biotin (which we hear so much about when it comes to hair growth) and magnesium and potassium – all essential for protecting hair and stimulating blood flow.

There are plenty of ways to get all that good stuff into your hair, including making your own masks – I’ll leave it to you to Youtube this! It can get messy, so if you’d rather skip the DIY we’re giving you our fave products to get all the benefits of avocado oil in a bottle…


IALH Editorial Team


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