How to keep your bob salon fresh

21 March, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Diane Tuffuoh

Image by @loriharvey

Short hair is trending right now, and a classic bob is high on the list of short hair styles this season. One thing about a classic bob is it gives such an effortless look and we’ve got some quick, hassle-free tips and tricks to help keep your bob looking salon fresh. 

First things first, wrapping your hair at night and covering it with a silk or satin headscarf before bed will keep your hair in place over night, while also helping your hair to retain its moisture. To do the wrapping method, you simply brush or comb your hair in one circular direction around your scalp until all your strands are smoothly laid flat against your scalp. This also helps to keep kinks away, so you can literally get up and go.


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Sometimes flyaway’s can be an annoyance with a slick straight bob. To keep it salon fresh, using a wax stick to lay down those strands can be helpful. The Kera Care Styling Wax stick will not only get rid of any flyaway’s, but it will also add shine, giving your bob that fresh sleek look.

Kera Care

Styling Wax Stick

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When your hair is straight, you still need to keep it moisturised. Using the right product for this that won’t make your hair frizzy or revert to its curls, if you have super curly hair, is vital to keeping your bob looking flawless. The Design Essentials Agave and Lavender Weightless Thermal Serum is a great moisture sealant and a good heat protector in case you do need to give your hair a quick once over with the straighteners.

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