How to wash your braids effectively

27 November, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

Braids are a style that you are not only investing time and money into but also the outcome of your hair health. Most people typically keep their braids in for four to eight weeks at a time, but are unaware of the scalp or hair maintenance that has to be done during that time. Getting a protective style, especially braids, is not a get out of jail free card when it comes to looking after your hair.

Using knotless braids as an example, this style is usually installed with synthetic hair and some form of gel or wax to keep the style sleek and neat. The hair itself can be irritating to some people’s scalps and the gel or wax can contribute to creating even more build-up.

It is important to actually cleanse your scalp thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo, at least every two weeks. Which can seem like a laborious process, but your scalp will thank you for it later. Let’s divine into the best wash day routine for your hair.

Start off by using the tail end of a comb to gently lift any of the debris from the scalp that may have accumulated over the course of having your braids. This will prevent your hair follicles becoming clogged and prevent you scratching at your scalp and causing any extra damage.

Once you have finished this process you can apply a scalp oil and gently massage this throughout your scalp. This method can be attributed to many Asian cultures and is something I have recently incorporated into my wash days. The oil can provide extra slip allowing debris to easily come out of the hair, this is very similar to oil cleansing your face.

Following up the oil cleansing process, with a clarifying shampoo is mandatory! The most annoying thing about washing your braids is trying to get the shampoo out of each braid before drying them. To combat this dilemma you can either thoroughly foam up your usual shampoo in your hands before applying it to your scalp or buy a shampoo mousse or foam.

The most effective one that I have tried so far would be the Goldwell DualSenses Scalp Specialist Sensitive Foam Shampoo which provides the right amount of foam and clarity to the scalp, without getting stuck in your braids.


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