Microfibre towels you need if you have damaged hair

26 June, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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Why not just dry your hair with a regular towel you may be asking? Well in comparison to other fabrics the microfibre towels are kinder to your strands hun! They’re more gentle for your hair and can reduce frizz. Every dried your hair with a regular towel and your hair feels brittle and dry straight after? Microfibre towels help prevent this and actually dry your hair quicker. Leaving you with less breakage overall.

They’re also great for thicker hair types as the towel draws the water from the strands rather than just drying the top and leaving the inside soaking wet. You get more of an even feel and styling becomes much easier. Here are a few that take up hardly any space and leave you with hassle free fresh hair.


Microfiber Towel

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Super Absorbent Hair Towel

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The Body Shop

Bamboo Hair Wrap

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Soul Cap

Microfibre hair towel

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Microfiber Drying Cap

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Eco-Friendly Microfiber Hair Towel

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