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3 May, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Alicia Lartey

Image by theouai

Booking beauty services used to invoke fear into my heart but once I found the perfect salon for me I actually began to enjoy my beauty maintenance appointments. Most women I know have had a tragic hair salon experience at some point in their life, I have unfortunately experienced more than double the amount of awful salon experiences and could hold a fairly decent campfire to tell you all my horror stories. On my journey to finding a good hair salon, I came up with a list of criteria that I was not willing to compromise on:

1) Affordability

Affordability is very subjective to everyone, but I always aim to find a salon that is within budget so that I can comfortably afford the services or any additional services that I need once I have had a consultation from my stylist. There is often a disconnect between what you feel like the service is worth and what it actually costs; this can often impact your relationship with your stylist so I always like to get ahead of this by being happy from the beginning. 

2) Easy to locate

I hate being late to my beauty appointments and I often drive to my appointments to avoid any sudden burst of rain ruining my new hairdo! For those reasons I tend to favour salons that have safe parking options. Another bonus is if the salon is located next to an underground station.

3) The salon is cosy but professional

As I have a lot of hair most of my salon visits last a number of hours, so I like to be as comfortable as possible. this usually includes having a relaxing chair and being offered a refreshment. Although comfort is key, professionalism is incredibly important and is one of the most important things I look for in my beauty services.

4) Can all the stylists do every hair type?

 It would be truly wonderful if I could walk into any salon and any stylist could do my hair but that is not the reality or experience for most people with naturally curly hair. It is very rare that you will have your entire service completed by one stylist, so it is important to have multiple stylists within the salon that are able to do your hair type.

It was actually a lot harder to find a salon that I loved, even with my clear cut idea of what I wanted, but patience is a virtue and I found the perfect salon for me! I have had the pleasure of visiting the Shag! London salon, to experience the expertise of April and the team! Shag, met all my expectations and more. Hair is truly such a delicate part of beauty for me so feeling at home in my salon experience is rare and important.

During my visit to Shag!London, I had a cut, treatment, wash and straighten all for £89! I cannot how tell you much I loved the experience and I know the huns would love it too. The lifestyle extends to the hair!

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