How to Keep Hair Moisturized in Winter

30 November, 2021 / words by user

Written by Pam Moore

Image by Bella Michelle

The clocks officially went back last month which only means one thing, winter is upon us! Not only does the winter season calls for a change in our wardrobes, it also means that it’s time to level up our hair care routine to protect our manes from the harsh weather conditions.

The ghastly winds and cold air that is synonymous with winter completely sucks the moisture out of our hair, which you know causes dryness, leads to tangles, and those annoying single strand knots. Our rush home to the warmth puts additional stress on our hair due to the extreme temperature change from moving from an extremely cold environment to the warmth. 

Not only do we have to contend against these elements, but those chunky knits, fluffy scarves, and chic beanie hats made to keep us warm also snag and rub against our hair, causing friction and breakage. It’s almost as if our hair can’t catch a break whether it’s outside or in!

But don’t despair! Grab your pumpkin spiced latte, and read over these carefully curated tips to keep your hair healthy and moisturised this winter. 

Seal in Moisture

Whether you are LOC or LCO, you already know that sealing in moisture is hugely important to natural hair. It’s even more important for winter months as this moisturising method helps to slow down TransDermal Water Loss (the rate at which moisture leaves the hair) keeping your strands hydrated for longer.

Boost your wash Day

Winter is the perfect time, if you haven’t already, to introduce Pre-shampoo oil treatments into your regimen. This treatment reduces the natural sebum lost during the shampoo process and helps to strengthen your strands. The best oils to use are penetrating oils such as Coconut, Avocado, Sweet Almond, or Babassu. Work it into your hair and leave it on for 20 mins (preferably with heat). 

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Don’t Skip the Conditioner 

Your hair needs all the help it can get in the winter months and conditioners will help to nourish your hair and prevent breakage. Introduce deep conditioning with heat to your routine (20 mins max.) and don’t forget your leave in conditioner too! This will help to keep your strands moisturised for longer. 

Protective styling

Wearing your hair out in the winter means there is a greater opportunity for tangling and breakage. Do your hair a favour and keep it out of the way by wearing a protective style to protect your hair.

Limit heat

During the colder months your hair is already in a delicate state, and using heated styling tools exacerbates your hair’s already depleting moisture levels – especially since keeping it straight means your hair will have limited contact with water thus leading to limited moisture. Instead, opt for heatless hairstyles like a flexi rod set or mini twists. If you really can’t live without it, just make sure to use the lowest heat setting and always use a heat protectant.

Stick to these healthy hair principles to keep your hair thriving this season!




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