The most useful accessories for your curly hair routine

21 June, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Alicia Lartey

Image by @jenatkinhair

If you have ever experienced the pure joy of styling curly hair, you would know that your bedroom and bathroom end up looking like an apocalyptic salon. Through the endless journey of trying to make my curly hair styling days easier I have tried a number of tools that have made styling a lot easier. Let’s get into the coveted list to give the huns a great styling experience.

We all know the best way to detangle curly hair is to do this in sections, but there is nothing more annoying than trying to part your curly hair and everything mixing together. To mitigate this, I recommend using crocodile clips as they have extra grip and wrap around the hair similar to a hair band but with the ease of removal of regular clips.


Nonslip hair sectioning clips

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I know a lot of natural hair girlies with curly hair love to air dry their hair, but this is actually quite unhealthy for your hair and scalp. Finding a blow dryer that is powerful enough, that does not cause frizz and reduces heat damage sounds impossible… until I used the Dyson supersonic blow dryer with diffuser attachment. This gorgeous dryer is able to get my super thick hair dry in half the time it normally takes with a regular dryer.


Supersonic dryer

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The longest part of dealing with curly hair is the detangling process. Nothing on this earth would make me finger detangle my hair and my hair usually still has knots after using a wide tooth comb. The Denman brush remains one of my favourite most versatile styling tools. Aside from curly styling, I enjoy using the denman brush to achieve the perfect blow dry. Denman has been a long term favourite amongst stylists and curly hair bloggers for as long as I can remember and for great reason. If you’re worried that your curls will break your new brush, just know I’ve had mine for 4 years!


Classic D3 Styling Brush

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The bane of my existence is waking up with my bonnet half way across the room and my hair feeling extra crispy. Using a silk pillowcase acts as a secondary defense against dry and frizzy hair. My favourite silk pillowcase is from the OG slip silk pillowcase, who also have the cutest scrunchies.


Plum queen zippered pillowcase

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