Tips to try if you struggle with wigs during the summer

26 May, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Lauren Gordon

Image by @tiwasavage

With the holiday season officially upon us, an important decision has to be made, and it’s all about hair. You can never go wrong with the sleek and simple braids, whether they’re fulani or goddess or straight back cornrows, but let’s say you’re planning to try something new? Who’s to say you can’t opt for a curly style as you florrick in your chosen paradisal location?

Don’t get me wrong, curly wigs and weave can be difficult to handle in the warmer climates and oftentimes, opting for a Jerry Curl or Water Wave could result in matted roots and frizzy, undefined curls that could ruin any photo opportunity.

But it’s time to treat your wigs to some TLC and create the holiday look of your dreams.

Opt for the best

UNice Wear And Go Glueless Wigs With Pre Cut Lace

There’s a sea of hair companies and brands out there, making it difficult to sift through the millions of reviews to find the best. I’d recommend browsing Unice, an affordable hair company that creates a large variety of high quality wigs, extensions and more. 

Their curly units are particularly preferable especially during the summer, thanks to their breathable caps, beginner friendly design and their ‘wear and go’ feature, which ensures a one minute installation time.


Wear and Go glueless wigs with pre cut lace

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It’s time to ‘Wash and Go’

Give Me Cosmetics ‘Four Curls’ Intense Hydration Bundle

No matter your curly hair type, Give Me has the perfect Four Curls bundle to make caring for your curly hair easier. Give Me Cosmetics Four Curls Range is sulphate & silicone free and is suitable for all types of curls. The Hydration Bundle includes an ultra-nourishing set of shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in conditioner that strengthens, repairs and intensely moisturises your curls.

The products are made up of a combination of Castor Oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil & Coconut Oil which help create defined, moisturised and invigorated curls, full of bounce & shine.

Give Me Cosmetics

Four Curls Intense Hydration Bundle

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Lock in the moisture

Mielle’s Curl Smoothie

A curl smoothie or moisturiser can help prolong the hydration and moisture you lock in when washing your curls and can help keep each strand glossy and defined. 

When applied from root to tip, the Mielle Pomegranate and Honey Curl smoothie instantly brings definition and control to your curls whilst also eliminating frizz and covering the strands in a gorgeous, natural scent.


Curl Smoothie

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Define the curls

Aunt Jackie’s Curl Boss Coconut Curling Gelee

Hairstylist Naomi Kumson (@naehairuk) swears by Aunt Jackie’s Gelee for maintaining and defining the curls of her client’s curly wigs as well as her own, and praises the coconut-oil enriched formula, which prevents the gel from crusting or flaking once dry.

“Gel is the staple of any curl routine and it’s a must for long-lasting curls no matter the weather. Aunt Jackie’s Curl Boss product doesn’t harden the hair or become crunchy when dry but instead helps your curls remain silky and soft.”

Mousse also works at holding your freshly defined curls, and Naomi recommends Lotta Body’s Wrap Me foaming mousse if you can’t get your hands on the Nairobi Wrapp-It shine foaming mousse.

Aunt Jackie’s

Curl Boss Coconut Curling Gelee

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Wrap Me Foaming Mousse 

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Boost the shine

Amika W​​ater Sign Hydrating Hair Oil

An optional last step for those wanting to add a layer of gloss or shine to their curls. The Amika Hair Oil boosts shine and reduces frizz while locking in the moisture added in previous steps of your new routine.

A little bit goes a long way with Amika’s wonder product and it has been clinically proven to attract 2.7x more hydration and reduces frizz by 69% for 24 hours, making it perfect for any curly units that are experiencing excessive dryness in the heat.


Water sign hydrating hair oil

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