Why oiling could be the secret to healthy hair

14 November, 2022 / words by Nateisha Scott


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We’re so familiar with hair oiling in its solid form; consider castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and even Jamaican black castor oil. But, with its centuries-old rituals and new and exciting formulas, we may have put the bottle aside and forgotten its truly invigorating benefits. Hair oiling is highly beneficial for our scalp, hair and ends – sealing in moisture, strengthening the hair strand and infusing the hair shaft with essential nutrients for healthy-looking and feeling hair. Type 3 and type 4 hair types, in particular, can benefit from the additional moisture due to the unique molecular structure (it requires more moisture and hydration than most to avoid breakage). So, while shampoos, leave-in conditioners and serums are all essential for a healthy scalp and hair, try introducing an oil outside your conditioning routine to optimise health and growth. 

What is hair oiling?

It may seem obvious, but we’re talking about oiling outside of greasing the scalp. Here we’re talking about coating the hair and scalp in a rich and luxurious oil to help soothe any irritation and dryness and hydrate and moisturise your hair. In the same way, hair stylists rave about a hot oil treatment, introducing a nourishing oil treatment the night before or an hour before wash day can do incredible things for your hair and even help alleviate dry and itchy scalps.

The benefits of hair oiling

Oil can better condition the root of the hair and coat it for protection. It strengthens, conditions and protects hair while having the properties to help stimulate hair growth by enhancing bloody flow through massage techniques.

As a pre-wash treatment

You want to section the hair and coat it from the root to the ends. Then, work it into the scalp and massage the scalp (you can also use a scalp massager to help work the oil into your scalps). Then wrap or plait the hair up until ready to wash out.

Oils are great as an overnight treatment before washing out your hair (be mindful that if you have a highly sensitive scalp, perhaps apply an hour before you wash your hair to still benefit without the potential irritation).

Oils as a conditioning treatment

Whether you suffer from a dehydrated scalp and dandruff or your hair feels dry, oils are incredible to condition and nourish in the evening. Spend that time once or twice a week oiling your hair.

If you’re considering giving oiling a go, try these hair oils…

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